Rock wedding in Kaai 17 – Aalst

Naomi and Wim had a rock wedding and I loved everything about it!

For starters, their wedding promised to have an entirely different vibe than what I am used to. No first look at the door to follow the example of many other flemish couples, no fotoshoot on the little bridge in the park of Aalst. Instead we went to a dilapidated, edgy old factory to match their personalities and had the reception in their favourite locale bar!

Wim is definitely no stranger to being in the spotlight as the lead singer of his Rock band Experienced but for his wedding it was all about his girl Naomi. She looked truly stunning with her very romantic dress underneath her leather jacket and rock look and it was clear to see how much they are crazy about each other!

So yes, a rock wedding in heart and soul! If I didn’t have to shoot another wedding the following day I would have surely loved to stay a little longer, just to see what would happen next. I am sure the best was yet to come!

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Sophie Degroote