Family Photography – Ellen, Kristof, Jeroen & Julie

It has been such a steep learning curve this last couple of weeks. During the summer time, shooting wedding after wedding, there was little time to reflect on my work. But all along the line I knew that I was getting on to something. I knew that I really, REALLY love to capture real moments. The stuff that happens in a fraction of a second: little glance, funny mishaps, tender moments…

So I latched on to this idea, that I wanted to get even closer to the people I photography, so to capture even better all the moments they share!

For this project I immediately thought about one family in particular that I wanted to shoot. Don’t ask me why but even after meeting Ellen’s family only once, I was sure they were the perfect fit. My guinea pigs! So I was so excited to spend the day with them and create some images of precious moments!

I can’t thank them enough for letting me in to their lives for a day! Not only did I finally find my true calling in photography but on a deeper level it also nurtured my longing for motherhood. I hope for this session to be the first of many more to come with other families and who knows maybe I’ll get to spend another day with Ellen, Kristof, Jeroentje en Julie for a repeat session!

2 reacties op “Family Photography – Ellen, Kristof, Jeroen & Julie”

  1. Ellen schreef:

    😍 ❤ 😍
    Meer hoef ik niet te zeggen…

  2. Peteropi schreef:

    Dat heet dan gelukkig zijn……

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