Best of 2017

This year really lifted off with me attending a fearless conferenceĀ for the first time. Talk about daunting to find yourself between all those awesome wedding photographers!! This soon turned out to be a giant feast of inspiring talks that knocked me of my feet! But I didn’t leave without knowing that I was doing something right and I was on to something…What an incredible boost it was to start of the wedding season!

I knew I just had to keep true to myself and follow my gut feeling. For me that means to be bold, emotive and truthful. I wanted to strive to make pictures that don’t necessary follow any trend and be there when guards or down and real moments happen.

But the biggest lesson didn’t come from any photographer workshop, it came from all of my couples this year. I was incredibly lucky to be present with some of you when you first got to see your pictures and I got to witness your priceless reactions to them!Those pictures that made you laugh or cry might not have been the most perfectly executed photographs but they are the ones that matter the most!! These are your best moments of 2017!!!

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